A month in Kyoto

Birds in synchronised flight near the Kyoto Tower

There’s a saying that goes “Time flies when you’re having fun”. I think this is a perfect way to describe my journey so far in Kyoto, Japan. I just looked at the calendar today and realised I’ve been here for a month already. But still, everything looks so new and exciting to me.

I wanted to write down my experiences when I first settled down in this then-capital of Japan, but I was caught up by the workload of the intensive Japanese course that I am studying (more about that in a later post) and also the visits of friends and family.

Kyoto has been very nice to me so far, no matter the people, the food (obviously), or just the general living environment. I feel so energised every day when I wake up to a clear sky with no high-rises in sight. I’ve been enjoying my time here: waking up early to do revisions, making meals, going to school, talking to new people, going out to explore the city. I just feel like I am going back to university, doing the stuff that I really enjoy doing and having plenty of time to explore my own interests and hobbies.

In this month I’ve been to quite a few awesome places in the Kyoto Prefecture, and I’ll be sharing some of them here. So just stay tuned!

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