Hello there, my name is Alice.

Growing up, I’m often described as “quiet”, a character trait that is frown upon by a society that favours extroversion. I’d always felt there’s something wrong with me, something not right about my quiet temperament that I should change myself. Thanks to Susan Cain and her Quiet Revolution, I’ve come to realise that I’m not alone and have learnt to embrace this underrated personality of mine.

In this extroverted world, adventures are always somehow linked with extroverts and their boldness. It’s like something that is only reserved for those who are always ready to speak their minds. But I think adventures, much like people’s characters, come in different forms, and quiet people can also have their own way of exploring the world.

Adventure is not just always about travelling around the world, doing something bold so people will remember you, but it’s about making memories and getting out of your comfort zone. Life is an adventure, no matter how exciting or ordinary other people may think. Because it’s often not just the nature of the event that’s worth keeping record of, it’s how we feel or act about it. It’s our views and actions that matter the most.

I have never been a very chatty person, so I’ll let my writing do the talking here. Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy what I share in this blog.

Happy reading! 🙂